Hexagon Two Piece

The use of custom hexagon two piece boxes can provide many advantages in packaging and shipping. With their unique shape, these boxes offer excellent protection for products that need to be shipped over long distances. 

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Hexagon Two Piece

Custom Hexagon Two Piece Boxes

Custom hexagon two piece boxes are an effective packaging solution for a variety of products. From promotional items to retail goods, these boxes provide excellent protection, while also being aesthetically pleasing. They allow businesses to create an impression that stands out from the competition and adds value to their products. This article explores the various benefits of custom hexagon two piece boxes and how they can be used to make a statement in any industry.

The unique shape of hexagon two piece boxes adds visual interest that can help draw attention to a product on the shelf or online store. The design allows for more efficient use of space, as well as increased stacking stability compared to traditional rectangular boxes. Additionally, these boxes are highly customizable, allowing businesses to choose from a wide range of colors, materials, sizes and finishes to create a package tailored to their exact needs.

Finally, custom hexagon two piece boxes offer superior protection for products due to their robust construction and secure closure system. By using high-quality materials such as cardboard or corrugated board reinforced with hardboard or foam inserts, these boxes are designed to protect contents from damage during transportation and storage. Furthermore, special features such as tamper-proof seals ensure that packages remain intact until opened by the recipient.

Definition And Uses Of Hexagon Two Piece Boxes

Hexagon two piece boxes, also known as hexagon boxes, are custom packaging solutions that come in two separate pieces. These pieces fit together to create an attractive and practical packaging solution for a variety of products. The hexagon shape of the box is unique and eye-catching while providing ample room to store items. There are several benefits to using this type of custom box that make it a great choice for many businesses.

The first benefit is that the two piece design allows for easy assembly and use. Assembling the box is simple and can be done quickly due to its modular design. This makes it ideal for businesses that need quick turnaround times or have tight deadlines when creating their custom packaging solution. Additionally, the pieces fit together securely and without any additional tools or components needed.

Another benefit of using hexagon two piece boxes is that the cost-effectiveness makes them a great choice for both large and small businesses alike. With free design services, businesses can easily make their own customized hexagon boxes with their logo or product information printed on them. In addition, free shipping options are available which make it easy to get these boxes delivered quickly and efficiently to customers around the world.

Benefits Of Using Hexagon Two Piece Boxes

Hexagon two piece boxes provide a unique and modern packaging solution. This type of box is created by die cutting two pieces of cardboard or paperboard and then folding them into a hexagonal shape. The top closure lid provides secure protection while the extended folds create four corners that increase the durability of the box. Custom hexagon two piece boxes are increasingly popular due to their unique shapes, modern printing techniques, and ability to accommodate both products and marketing materials for any occasion.

The benefits of using custom hexagon two piece boxes include:

  • Unique shapes that stand out from traditional box styles
  • Modern printing techniques allow for greater customization options
  • Die cut design ensures secure product protection
  • Top closure lid keeps products safe from dust, dirt, and moisture
  • Four corners increase the strength and durability of the box

Custom hexagon two piece boxes are an ideal choice for companies looking for a unique way to showcase their products or services in an eye-catching way. With advanced printing capabilities and modern finishing options, these boxes can be tailored to fit any budget or branding requirement. Whether used as gift packaging or promotional materials, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Designing A Custom Hexagon Two Piece Box

The age-old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, is certainly true when it comes to designing custom hexagon two piece boxes. These unique packaging boxes come in a distinctive hexagonal shape and consist of both a bottom tray and top lid that can be printed with color graphics or text. When done right, these boxes can help strengthen brand recognition as they are customized with a company logo or other branding elements.

At Hola Custom Boxess, we offer free design support to ensure the process of creating custom hexagon two piece boxes goes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We also provide offset and digital printing options so that clients have the best quality results for their packaging needs. Additionally, our bundling boxes are designed with convenience in mind; they are easy to assemble and come flat-packed for storage.

From start to finish, Hola Custom Boxes provides superior customer service and high-quality products that will stand out on store shelves. We also specialize in short run orders for those who need smaller quantities of custom hexagon two piece boxes in order to meet their budget requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design your perfect packaging solution!

Optimal Material For The Boxes

The material of the box is an important factor in its construction. This will determine the quality, durability, and cost of the box. When deciding on a material for a custom hexagon two-piece boxes, it is important to consider the type of boxes, the corners or lost sides, silver foiling, printing design, color and all other printing. For example, cardboard boxes are one of the best materials for this type of box as they are lightweight and durable. Bux board is also another great option that is economical and can be easily customized with different colors and finishes.

To get a custom quote for your project you can request a quote through our website or contact us directly. We will respond within 1-2 business days with more information about pricing and availability.

How To Assemble Hexagon Two Piece Boxes

Assembling custom hexagon two piece boxes requires precision and accuracy. It is a complex matter that requires very careful attention to detail. To ensure that the process of assembling the boxes goes smoothly, it is important to get a quote from a reliable printing and packaging company for the best eco friendly packaging and printing solutions.

Once the boxes are ready, they can be used to store and transport various products like clothes, food items, cosmetics, books, electronics, and many other items. Depending on what type of weight objects you wish to store in these boxes, you can get them printed with varying sizes and thicknesses. The printing quality should also be checked before ordering so that there are no flaws or inconsistencies when you receive the finished product. With custom hexagon two piece boxes, you can ensure your products are securely packed and transported without any hassles.

Printing Options For Customization

Customers looking for custom hexagon two piece boxes are able to take advantage of our free design support. Our expert team is available to assist customers with any questions they may have regarding the printing process, packaging products and wholesale rates. Design support is also available via live chat.

Packaging and printing services are available for a variety of products, including cosmetic products. Turnaround time depends on the complexity of the order, but we strive to complete all orders as quickly as possible. Customers can rest assured that their packaging needs will be met quickly and efficiently by our expert team.

Tips On Choosing The Right Supplier

When looking to purchase custom hexagon two piece boxes, it is important to find a supplier that can meet your packaging needs. The right supplier will be able to provide the type of box that will be stable on retail location racks, boosting the offers of your business. Quality should also be considered when choosing a supplier as this directly affects the quality of your product.

It is important to consider the types of items you are planning to store in these boxes. If you are looking for lightweight things, such as jewelry or small accessories, then you may want to look for a pc box that has a distinctive shape so that it stands out from related products on shelves. On the other hand, if you are storing heavier items, like books or electronics, then you may need something sturdier and more secure away making sure they don’t move around in transit. In either case, it is important to find a reliable supplier who can guarantee quality materials and construction when ordering custom hexagon two piece boxes.


The use of custom hexagon two piece boxes can provide many advantages in packaging and shipping. With their unique shape, these boxes offer excellent protection for products that need to be shipped over long distances. The design of the box can also be customized to meet specific needs, while the optimal material chosen ensures durability and strength. Knowing how to assemble and customize these boxes also adds value to the process.

When it comes to selecting a supplier for custom hexagon two piece boxes, it is important to consider factors such as quality assurance, competitive pricing, and delivery times. Working with a reliable and experienced supplier will ensure that customers receive high-quality products in a timely manner. Customers should also consider printing options that are available for customization, as this will add an extra layer of protection and branding for their products.

In conclusion, custom hexagon two piece boxes offer many advantages in terms of packaging and shipping needs. Customers should consider factors such as quality assurance, competitive pricing, delivery times, and printing options when selecting a supplier for these boxes. By taking time to research suppliers and understand the benefits of using custom hexagon two piece boxes, businesses can ensure they have the best possible packaging solution for their products.




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