How to Customize Custom Printed Boxes for Vape Items?

2023-04-07 09:30:56

At first glance, boxes for vape items seem like the same old, boring cardboard packaging in which all your products arrive. Especially when you order them online, their appearance is too dull due to the shocks and bruises. But why not make these Custom Printed Boxes enchanting when they are in the retail racks? Though the cardboard's color is naturally dull and grey, you can try it. While this is mainly true, there are ways to jazz up these simple containers and make them unique to your brand. Let us share some practical techniques.

Why Make Custom Printed Boxes Unique?

Little is left to say after the above explanation. As these are made from dull stock, you cannot use a box of that color for all your business ventures. Your Custom Printed Boxes for vape items should be as unique as your business, so why do you keep using the same old box design everyone else does? Instead of adding another boring box to your store shelves, add one that will get customers' attention and help them remember your brand. Making your packages unique will increase sales and improve the customer experience through distinctive packaging. Here are some unique ways to customize your boxes for vaping.

Use a Color Sketch Design on Custom Printed Boxes

Sturdy card stock boxes are great for organizing and storing craft supplies, toys, or office equipment. The same applies when these are used as Custom Printed Boxes for vape items. They come in various sizes but have the same plain brown look. Here are some creative ways to customize your boxes:


Draw on the box with permanent markers. 

Use different colors and patterns to make an eye-catching container for your stuff! 

The effect will work best on lighter-colored parcels.

Cover the box with stickers. There are tons of cute sticker designs that you can use as an accent piece or even as the main design element for a whole group of boxes.

Decorate the box with washi tape.

Hand-made sketch artwork will also make your box unique.


Sprinkle On Some Glitter on Wholesale Printed Vape Boxes

Stiff card stock boxes are sturdy, cheap, and easy to find. You can even decorate them manually without much fuss. For instance, if you have a simple vape box collection you bought wholesale and now want to make memorable, it will be simple. All you need is a pair of scissors or a box cutter. But what if you want your boxes to be a little more unique? Here are some ways to customize your printed or simple boxes for vaping items!

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to make your box pop, try spraying it with spray paint. The best part about this idea is that the rest of the box will be white (or whatever color you choose), so it will stand out when opened.

Why Print Attractive Text on Custom Vape Boxes?

Many people ask how to make my Custom Vape Boxes unique. We have mentioned some tips above; let us discuss the rest. These would help you make them look more professional than the average vape box. Here are some of my favorite ideas for making your packages more personalized.

Colorful tape is the cheapest way to do it. Packing tape is just a part of getting ready for the day. It's essential, but it can be so much more. Add your personal touch by covering your boxes with a stickers-like feeling! These would add a lot of visual interest. They're also great for making your packages look professional and polished.


Other Tips to Glorify Custom Vape Boxes


Write a message on the box according to some special occasion. 

Draw on the box with markers or paint pens. 

Cut out shapes from paper and paste them onto the box. 

Add ribbon and bows for extra flair. 

Use stamps, permanent markers, or paper punches to personalize the boxes with your initials or other details. 

You can also add your logo using an adhesive vinyl sticker that you create. 

Screen-print directly onto the surface of the cardboard using a design made in Adobe Illustrator.


Why Use Kraft for Wholesale Vape Box Packaging

Kraft paper has a natural and earthy feel. It's also flexible and durable, which makes it perfect for your store's packaging needs. When we talk about vaping, it is also close to nature and less harmful than smoking. So both of these have a great combo. Kraft boxes are also easily customized with your design, logo, or phrase. This will add a personal touch to your retail space and make it stand out. With so many options available, we're sure you'll find the perfect Vape box for your business needs!

Use Black and White Printing on Custom Vape Boxes

We know that it is out of the way. Still, it will help make your Custom Vape Boxes popular for retailers and event planners who want affordable, high-quality vaping material. These brown paper boxes can be customized with stickers, stamps, and other embellishments. They're also easy to set up and store, which is perfect for businesses. These paper boxes are your best bet when you need a simple box that looks more professional than the white ones. The most classic and popular design!

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