How to Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Attractive and Eye-Catching?

2023-08-19 12:40:29

The first thing that catches people's eyes when they see your product, mainly if it's new, will be the packaging. Packaging must be attractive and eye-catching because nobody wants to buy an ugly box of candles or any other product. That is why you must focus entirely on your custom candle boxes from a design point of view.

People know the adage, Don't judge a book by its cover, but when you have limited time to get someone's attention and show them why your candle packaging box should be theirs, you need to make sure that the packaging has been crafted with care so that people will want to buy it.

Use Distinguishing Colors for Custom Candle Boxes

The first thing you need to do is figure out what colors are best for your product. If unsure, try using a color wheel or a similar design tool. This will help you decide what colors should be used for the custom candle boxes. Also, ensure that the colors are in good balance with each other - if one color dominates, it could lead to an unattractive package design.

Next, you should use your selected color scheme to create all the graphics on your packaging design. For example, if all of your graphic elements have been created in shades of blue, then at least three shades of blue should be used in the layout.

Why is the Box Shape Crucial for Candles?

Consider the shape of your candle. Then create a box according to it. The first thing you should do when designing your candle packaging is thought about your candle's shape. Some candles, like votive, can be tall and narrow. Other candles, like pillars or jar candles, are usually wider than tall. It would help if you also considered whether the shape of your candle is round or square. Round candles will not have a straight bottom edge and will require more room on top for labeling information. Square candles will easily fit into boxes with straight edges all around the top. Next, consider how much space you'll need on your box for graphics and text; if it's limited, try an alternative design that doesn't use as much space (like a window).

Never Miss Attractive Fonts and Typographic Styles

To create attractive packaging for your candles, make sure that the font you choose is easy on the eyes. Not only will this make it easier for customers to read, but if you choose something aesthetically pleasing, it will help your business stand out from the crowd. With so many different fonts available these days, there are plenty of options to choose from that will suit any product or company style. Some popular fonts with candle brands include Calligraphic (also known as Old English), Trajan Pro, or a more modern sans serif font like Arial.

Images and Graphics are Equally Important for Candle Boxes

Candles come in various sizes, shapes, colors, fragrances, and wax thicknesses. With many available options, deciding which candles best suit your needs can take time and effort. One of the most important aspects of choosing candles is their packaging. The packaging will be on your shelf or table as people shop for a gift. Therefore, you want the box design to be eye-catching to catch a customer's attention in the competition. Use your imagination to create a perfect blend of colors and images so that the graphics are eye catchy.

Use a clear and Concise Branding Message.

The packaging for your candles is an essential part of the final product. It separates you from your competitors and gives you a unique selling point. Therefore, when deciding on the design for your box, it must have a clear branding message about what your product is. To do this, you must consider the following:

      Who is your target audience?

      What kind of lifestyle are they living? 

      Consider their aspirations and dreams.

      Which colors the best suit their moods

      Are there any other factors I should consider when designing my boxes?

Make the Packaging More Qualitative

If you want your packaging to be eco-friendly, then consider using recycled materials like paper. Kraft paper is a cheap resource that is best for sustainable packaging. This will make your customers happy because they feel like they are helping the environment by buying from you. You can also have a company create beautiful packaging with your logo or use environmentally friendly materials such as recycled plastics. You may not know this, but when we buy goods at the store, about 10% of those goods never go on sale. And often, it's due to inadequate packaging design or misleading information about how well a product works. So if you want people to buy your products and keep them, check the quality 

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